The Form Reality Practice

What is The Form – Reality Practice™ ?

Are you ready for self transformation and healing on all levels?

Imagine a spring flower held tightly in bud. We can not see its petals or what beautiful colour or shape the flower will blossom into. Yet, gently gently, as the Sun’s warming rays shine on the Earth, the bud naturally and effortlessly unfurls its petals and faces the source of light.

It simply blossoms

As petals unfurl under the warmth of the Sun, so shock, trauma and contraction  can unfurl and release when receiving or dancing The Form.

The Form – Reality Practice™ is a gentle 5 part structured movement meditation, which could be termed “The Flower of Life.”

It is a “dance” that can be practiced alone or given to another and has the potential to open you to a deeper awareness on all levels.

Over time, over  identification with our limited “conditioned self” decreases and we become more in touch and able to express ourselves through our authentic nature, or Being.

What happens when I receive The Form?

You will be asked to sit quietly in a chair, eyes closed, with your hands gently resting on your lap.

I give or “dance” The Form while you remain sitting. These movements create a powerful “field” of Presence which enables the mind to gently and naturally quieten and de-stress.

I will then slowly move around your body in a sequence of set movements (which look a little bit similar to tai chi.) These graceful movements are performed mainly off the body except when I gently and briefly touch your feet, shoulders and head.

When the session is complete you may remain seated, enjoying the deep inner stillness that has been created.

Although it is not a healing treatment, people find The Form™ has a healing effect because of the stillness and power of Presence felt by those who experience it.

No two sessions are alike, different people experience different results at different times as each person is unique.

I also offer 1:1 FORM Therapy as a process of inner discovery.

How can I learn The Form Reality Practice?

After receiving The Form you may attend a workshop to learn Parts 1-2 which are usually held over a weekend. From there you can decide to learn all 5 parts.

It is a process of inner discovery with each part revealing and unveiling more of your true essence.

Portals of Peace : CosmoFORM

A short, simple heart opening  movement for everyone!

Learning CosmoFORM as a practice, either on its own, or to complement an existing meditation practice you may have already, brings about rapid spiritual transformation and healing on all levels. It is an extremely powerful gateway for higher consciousness. It holds cosmic energy of the highest frequency and anchors it into our human body.

CosmoFORM contains key frequencies found in the whole sequence of The Form but can be learned and shared during a 1:1 session or in a group.

The Form is about bringing our attention to what we know is absolutely true in the heart. We bring our whole attention to that place within the heart that is the face of pure love in all of us. It is not separate from us; it is what we are on the deepest level
B Prior
Originator of The Form – Reality Practice™

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