Natural Energy Healing

Why does healing help?

Natural Energy Healing sessions are powerful yet safe, loving, non-invasive transmissions of Source energy which can gently assist in restoring balance to your mind, body and spirit. I do not “do” anything “to you” or diagnose presenting symptoms. I simply work as a catalyst or “jump lead” to trigger your own innate wisdom and healing ability which allows deep patterns of contraction and trauma to gently release.

Sessions may support you by boosting your own natural energy, strengthening your immunity and enabling you to feel more at peace within yourself and life. Natural Energy Healing is suitable for you regardless of age, or state of health, because you will simply absorb the energy your own system needs at whatever level is appropriate for you.

What conditions can be helped with energy therapy?

Typical reasons for seeking healing are:

  • Spiritual Awakening and personal development
  • Fatigue, stress and tension, anxiety and low mood
  • Burn-out/trauma and symptoms of P.T.S.D.
  • Ill health, and convalescence
  • Aches and pains/ recovery post -operation
  • Emotional problems
  • Creative blocks
  • Boosting the immune system
  • “Me Time” to nurture oneself.
  • End of Life

What happens in the healing session?

Natural Energy Healing is very relaxing, nurturing and comforting.

I am trained to attune to the natural subtle/Source energy that is at all times within us and all around us. This life force and Grace flows through my hands, enabling you to draw on it for your own healing process. (see “Zoom Healing” for remote treatments)

Each session in my Woodbridge healing clinic begins with a short consultation.

You are then invited to lie on a couch, covered by a light blanket while I work with my hands either touching you lightly or working off your body. This takes about twenty minutes. Finally you sit on a stool while I work in the same way on your head and back. Healing can also be given entirely on the chair if  preferred or remotely via an initial consultation via Skype/zoom.

Zoom Remote Healing

For those who are unable to attend my clinic in Woodbridge I offer “Zoom Healing” from Zoom Online.

We have a consultation on zoom and arrange a time when you can lie down at home in a relaxed setting. I conduct the session as though you were with me at the appointed time followed by checking in with you afterwards.

What else do I need to know before my healing treatment?

For your session, wear loose comfortable clothing and avoid eating heavily for two hours beforehand. It is best to avoid alcohol or recreational drugs on the same day as your session, and if possible allow relaxation time afterwards to help gain maximum benefit from the healing energy. If you are suffering from any chronic or undiagnosed conditions which are concerning you, I recommend a check-up with your G.P. before starting treatments.

Is it the same as REIKI?

Reiki means Universal Life Force Energy so in many ways it is very similar. However, I was trained in both Reiki and Sekhem  in the 1990s (egyptian energy healing) to  Master/Teacher level many years ago as well as natural spiritual healing, and other forms of energy work. I now access a wider frequency range of healing energies available at this time. So Reiki and Sekhem are incorporated naturally within the healing just as all colours of the spectrum are incorporated within white light.

What can I expect after a treatment?

After a session the majority of clients report a wonderful sense of well-ness, peace and deep relaxation. Many say they feel more cheerful and have increased energy in the days following a treatment. Occasionally your body may develop minor symptoms as it re-balances itself and eliminates toxins.

Is healing compatible with other complementary treatments?

Yes, however, to gain maximum benefit it is best to leave a few days after seeing another therapist. We can discuss this during your appointment.

How many energy therapy sessions will I need?

You are unique. However, during your consultation we will work out your individual programme of sessions according to your needs. Restoring optimum health and balance is a process so generally six sessions is an average time to expect. However, many people simply enjoy the feeling of “topping up their batteries” by receiving a nurturing session every few weeks to maintain self-care and self-love.

Book a Session

  • 1 hour session – £48