Holistic Hypnotherapy & Hypno-Healing

Are you are tired of feeling anxious and stuck around certain situations?

You know you really want to change some old habits but using your willpower just hasn’t worked despite really trying?

This is where Hypnotherapy and Hypo-healing may really help you.

It gets to the root of the issue and “reboots” the old thinking software in your mind; often without the need for lengthy analysis or talking about the past problem. 

As a simple metaphor, just think of the grooves on old vinyl records.

When they became scratched over time, the grooves made the stylus needle slip or get stuck at the same point each time the record played. It didn’t matter where the record was played or in what company. That scratched record would repeatedly remain stuck at that same point!

(I can even recall sticking heavy weights on to the record player’s arm to keep the needle in the groove. Yes, it was the 1980s but instead of helping the music play however, it gouged out deeper grooves in the vinyl, proving that force and effort was not the way to resolve the problem!)

So, hypnotherapy techniques help spring clean your mind so that the grooves in your habitual thinking processes are no longer holding you back.

Express your True Melody

Just as the vinyl record became scratched through its past (eg being dropped by careless hands) which prevents the music from playing smoothly, so we are held back by traumas of the past until we acknowledge, integrate, and gently release them.

Hypnosis is simply a light state of altered awareness which some people call  “trance” or meditative peace. In this relaxed state the unconscious mind reveals its information more easily because the critical, analysing part of the brain is restful. It is a “daydreaming” state we enter quite naturally throughout the day.

I use Hypnotherapy techniques alone or with Energy Healing if preferred  to reach beyond the conscious, and subconscious mind to the energetic life force field which surrounds and penetrates the human body.

It is here, combined with inner acceptance, the emotional and psychological patterns of information can be fully addressed and released in an effortless, gentle way and always lovingly at your own pace.

“Could Hypnotherapy help my anxiety?”

It may help to understand that anxiety isn’t a “thing” we “have” but rather the result of a set of mental processes that can trigger physiological changes in the body. These can range from trembling feelings in the body, to dizzy spells, breathing problems, insomnia, temperature changes, to memory loss, phobias, social fears, mood swings  etc.

Together we find out how your particular body/mind responds in certain situations and what the challenging contributing factors are.

From there, I help to empower  you to change the old anxiety triggering thoughts to positive, new life affirming ones at the deep subconscious level. They are literally transformed from your mind.

I am accredited and registered with the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council

To read  the NHS website about hypnotherapy click here.

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