Metamorphic Technique

A Gentle Stroking of the Head, Hands & Feet

The Metamorphic Technique is not a therapy but rather a catalyst for change and transformation.

As a practitioner I ‘hold the space’ in much the same way as the earth holds the seed in a completely detached way. In fact it is this aspect of detachment which sets the metamorphic technique apart from therapy.  It is the client’s  innate wisdom that directs the outcome of the session.

In addition to providing one to one sessions I can show you how to use the technique yourself to share among your family and friends. Children enjoy receiving the M.T. at bed time and often drift off to sleep easily.

“If you feel stuck or frustrated in certain areas of your life or feel there needs to be a change somewhere but you are not sure how, or where, or what to do about it, then the metamorphic technique could be just the catalyst you need.”

Release the Past

Using the example of the seed again, it is the earth, combined with the natural elements which loosens the physical casing around the seed thus acting as a catalyst to enable growth.  The seed itself carries a latent blueprint which determines whether or not it is going to grow into a tree, a blade of grass or a flower.  If given the right conditions, proper nourishment and sustenance which supports its life force, it will flourish, strengthen and emerge naturally into a beautiful form.

As humans, we also have the potential to flourish, become fully conscious and emerge into radiant “forms” as people.  However, with the stresses of modern living and centuries of history carried as unconscious conditioning within us, we are often not even aware this is a possibility.

Nine Months Gestation

The Metamorphic Technique theory proposes that it is during the nine months gestational period in particular, that many of our behavioural, emotional, physical and mental patterns are established.  Our life following birth is rooted in and influenced by this pre-natal period.

By releasing these early patterns we often find that our life energy is restored and our lives begin to flourish.  Many people report that areas of resistance or feelings of being stuck relinquish their hold and a sense of flow begins to unfold.

What happens in a metamorphic Technique session?

There is no need to delve into the past, analyse the present or worry about the future while receiving the Metamorphic Technique, unless you choose to do so!

If you prefer to be silent that is fine, if you prefer to talk throughout, that is fine too.

I Invite you to lie down on a therapy couch (sometimes a chair) fully clothed and covered with a light blanket. Most people enjoy the optional soft music in the background too.

I then gently stroke the insides of your feet along specific spinal reflex  points which correspond to the nine months gestational period.  This gentle stroking is repeated along the corresponding parts of your hands and finally your head.

The whole session lasts around one hour plus extra time to learn the sequence for those who wish to use it at home.

What does Metamorphic Technique feel like?

Many people report a deep feeling of blissful relaxation while receiving the Metamorphic Technique while others feel more energetic and lively. There is no right or wrong way as the whole session is governed by your own innate wisdom and life force meeting the catalytic conditions I provide within our session together.

As your energy is freed and transformed from restrictions “inside” you may notice this mirrored in your life “outside.”

The changes you notice could be very subtle over a period of time, or they could be dramatic and instantly noticeable.

You are unique as an individual and your response to the metamorphic session will be equally unique to you.

“Metamorphic Technique has slowly and quietly gained the respect from not only those whose lives have been transformed by it, but from doctors and specialists impressed with the results for conditions ranging from dyslexia to eating disorders. Lorna V, Sunday Times

…it was this little-known technique that dramatically changed my life for the better and set me on the road to improved well being.Susan Clark, The Sunday Times”

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