Does this sound like you?

These are just some examples of typical scenarios people come to see me:

  • You find yourself nagging the family or feeling snappy, irritable and tearful at work… can’t think straight, your nerves are on edge and now your physical health is suffering with a variety of chronic conditions, fears and anxiety.
  • At night poor sleep seems to be the norm. Even if you nod off, you find yourself waking up at 3am with a mind like a hamster wheel. And the more you struggle with falling asleep the worse it gets. You feel like your own worst enemy.
  • The biscuit packet keeps “winking” at you; You know you don’t really want to keep eating more sugary food but find your hand reaching out…and then you feel really cross with yourself as you take that first bite.
  • Meditation? Yes, you have tried that too but given up because you feel too restless and it’s impossible to switch off that monkey mind, (and there is no time left in the day anyway so what is the point in trying?)
  • You have witnessed and experienced traumatic events  or bereavement in your Life and now memories still torment you, keeping you a prisoner of The Past…
  • You would just like to explore a deeper, spiritual meaning. You have heard about “awakening” but are not really sure what it means….your heart aches for something that appears to be missing, but what?
  • The recent Covid Period brought  changes to your life which altered your relationships and working life. Differences of opinion caused pain and rifts within your family circle.
  • You are wanting to discover the Real You through Self Inquiry and experience an inner state of peace.

The Way Forward

It is important to understand you are not broken, it just might feel that way, but it is not the truth.

Our minds are programmed from the moment we are born. First by family when we are named, then by school, society, and the culture we live in until by the time we reach adulthood we are so conditioned we have forgotten who we really are and how it feels to be open, free and easy with ourselves.

Help for Stress and Anxiety Inducing Thoughts

The list of limiting beliefs and fear filled stories we often hold about ourselves are endless. They keep circulating through our minds and our internal response to them can use up so much of our natural vitality through excessive worry and anxiety. It’s like a TV propaganda broadcast running on a repetitive loop day in day out.

But, the good news is…… These internal scripts are mostly false! …which means they can be unlearned and released!

It is “Misinformation”

The stories we constantly tell ourselves are mostly “fake news” conjured up by our minds to keep us investing in a limited reality. They are usually about experiences in the past or fears about the future, rarely about the present moment, which is always Now.

No wonder we end up feeling strung- out, stressed, unhappy and believing the World is a frightening, violent, love-less place to be!

The Truthful News

Learn how to leave the “negative news propaganda” being broadcast from your mind aside.

Using mindful awareness exercises, receiving energy therapy, cutting edge coaching and hypnotherapy methods, you CAN be free of all that is holding you back.

When Trauma from your Past affects your enjoyment of Life in the Present

Trauma and shock from recent and past events can remain “stuck” in your nervous system for years after the event. It is like a “freeze frame” in the subconscious mind and can impact health on many levels.Very often the actual event may have even been forgotten until the “blocked” energy starts to flow again and the root cause is gently released. As your energy restores itself so you may find “frozen” trauma dissolves in a gentle yet powerful way, much like ice melting under the warmth of the Sunshine.

Which Session should I book?

I offer all new clients the Free Zoom  20 minute consultation so that you can ask me any questions and decide whether you want to proceed with a course of varied sessions, or simply a one-off taster treatment.

A Short Taster for Stress Relief

In the video below, I share a simple movement meditation with you which can assist you in restoring a sense of calm in times of stress.

I invite you

I invite you to start your journey to wholeness today by booking a FREE 20 min consultation and discover the depths of the unlimited Real you.