Enhance your enjoyment of life by learning how to master and balance your energy

These stress reduction and wellbeing coaching workshops are ideal for all stressed busy people who work or live with others.

In daily life we have to use many different energies to function:-

  • For example, digging the garden, walking, or cleaning uses mostly physical energy.
  • Calculating the budget, writing business letters or marking school work uses mental energy.
  • Caring for others, listening to people’s problems and juggling family relationships can use excessive emotional energy.

Usually we use a mix of energies, especially when “multi-tasking.”

Those who work with others often draw on inner resources that are not part of their job description.

Apart from the extra thinking time that can be an unspoken part of a carer’s/professional’s work, there is also the hidden essence of care. While the use of this essence or energy can lead to inspired work, its ungoverned use can lead to stress, burn-out and stress related illness in the long run.

We know how it feels to run on “empty batteries.”

Many professionals deal with stress or burn-out by closing themselves off or distancing themselves from the people they are working with. Or they relinquish part of their personal lives by giving up a nourishing creative interest in an effort to preserve their energy.

The Energy Care and Wellbeing CoachingĀ  teaches you practical ways to help maintain balance and be in charge of your personal energy

You will be taught simple self-help methods and breaths that can be incorporated into your daily life, combined with tailor made solutions to suit your personal situation. Small friendly classes of 6 combined with deep relaxation techniques.