Nature Therapy: Forest Bathing & Mindful Walks in Suffolk

There is no swimming while Forest Bathing in Suffolk¬† and you don’t take off any clothes, we just “bathe” in the atmosphere of the woodland. Just De-Stress, Unwind and have a digital-detox away from your mobile. Let Mother Nature restore your balance and bring your senses to life. Imbibe the sounds, colours and smells of the woodland in Spring and throughout the Seasons…I will lead you through mindful movement and quiet walking through the bluebells in May, through Summer, to the orange leaves of Autumn.

To keep updated for future walks in Suffolk please follow The Tame Wild facebook page, the new Meetup group or contact me directly. See the video below for more information.

To check out my Virtual Awe Walks please see my You tube channel

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Please contact me with your details to keep updated about future events