I Love To Laugh! Laughter Workout

Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face. ~Victor Hugo

When I was a small child my favourite film was Mary Poppins. I loved the part where the children visited the laughing Uncle Albert for tea and ended up singing “I love to Laugh” floating up to the ceiling (much to the annoyance of strict Nanny Mary Poppins!)

I also used to love seeing the Laughing Sailor each Summer at Great Yarmouth Amusement Arcade and putting a penny in the slot to watch and hear him laugh.

I still love to Laugh but like many of us, the reasons for doing so can sometimes seem few and far between.

Laugh for no reason

Laugher Yoga/therapy is rapidly spreading across the World as one of the most popular health and fitness methods for stress reduction and well being; and it is all about laughter for NO REASON! That’s right, no reason at all other than the fun of laughing. We don’t use jokes, or clowning or comedy although it sometimes might appear very silly and very funny to watch!

No only does laughter create the “feel- good factor,” it is also a gentle aerobic fitness workout. We all love to laugh and reconnect to that feeling of spontaneity and connection with others we felt as children.

I Love to Laugh Laughter Therapy & Exercise Classes

Although based on the Laughter Yoga method of Indian doctor Madan Kataria, the founder of laughter Yoga, my classes incorporate mindful awareness, and gentle limbering exercises combined with some yogic breathing.

We start quietly and build up to having a good old laugh with clapping and laughter games.

And complete each session with a guided deep relaxation for grounding and energy balance.

I Love to Laugh Laughter Therapy & Exercise Classes

One off sessions are held on an ad hoc basis with small groups.

I talk about my laughter session during a morning show on BBC Radio Sussex here

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