Groups & Workshops

Laughter Therapy Workout

Laugher Yoga/therapy is rapidly spreading across the World as one of the most popular health and fitness methods for stress reduction and well being; and it is all about laughter for NO REASON! That’s right, no reason at all other than the fun of laughing.

No only does laughter create the “feel-good factor,” it is also a gentle aerobic fitness workout. We all love to laugh and reconnect to that feeling of spontaneity and connection with others we felt as children.

Cosmo-Form Movement Meditation Group

A chance to gather in a small group and imbibe the peace and stillness of our inner nature together.

The sessions will start with using CosmoFORM to reconnect us to the field of Presence, allow our minds to settle and experience a deepening into stillness.


Nature Therapy

There is no swimming in Forest Bathing and you don’t take off any clothes! Just De-Stress, Unwind and have a digital-detox away from your mobile. Let Mother Nature restore your balance and bring your senses to life.

Imbibe the sounds, colours and smells of the woodland in Spring and throughout the Seasons.

Personal Energy Care

The Energy Care workshop teaches you practical ways to help maintain balance and be in charge of your personal energy.

You will be taught simple self-help methods and breaths that can be incorporated into your daily life, combined with tailor made solutions to suit your personal situation. Small friendly classes of 6 combined with deep relaxation techniques.