I help people who are suffering from stress, fear and anxiety to find calmness, clarity and peace of mind.

Holistic Energy Medicine

Has the flow of the ‘River of Life’ brought sweeping changes to your Life?

When you are feeling emotionally exhausted, or adrift in a turbulent sea of worry, it can be so hard to navigate a way forward or find a new direction.

In my role as an holistic energy worker  based in Woodbridge, Suffolk, you can think of me as your ‘ferryman!’

I am here to ‘row’ beside you while you cross the choppy waters of your life and empower you to restore lost vitality and self esteem, reconnect to your deepest essence, and find the solutions to any challenges you may be facing.

Holistic approach

Together we can address the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual aspects of your life for each area has different ‘needs’ and requirements in order to maintain an holistic state of inner balance.

Everything I share and teach works at the deepest level yet is very practical, grounded and simple to learn or receive. Your own body and inner wisdom guides the pace we work at.

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Energy Healing Therapy

Energy Healing is a safe, non-diagnostic and non-invasive therapy which can gently assist in restoring balance to your mind, body and spirit. It is beneficial for all life!

The Form Reality Practice

The Form – Reality Practice™ is a gentle structured movement meditation, which could be termed “The Flower of Life.”

Holistic Hypnotherapy

Are you are sick and tired of feeling the way you feel around certain situations? You know you really want to change some old habits but using your willpower just hasn’t worked?

This is where Hypnotherapy and Hypo-healing can really help.