Sometimes we need some nourishing support to help us through challenging times.

It is possible to experience peace of mind

Has Life brought you overwhelming challenges?

So often, when we are feeling emotionally exhausted, overwhelmed by Life,  or adrift in a turbulent sea of worry, it can be difficult to find any clarity. We can end up thinking in circles or sinking into a downward spiral of low mood.

Or maybe you are yearning for some nourishing “me time” to soothe your mind & nervous system so that you can care for yourself and  loved ones from a “full cup?”

My role an energy healer (catalyst)/ integrative holistic guide based in Woodbridge, Suffolk, is to be your ‘ferrywoman.’

I will gently ‘row’ beside you while you navigate and cross the choppy waters of your life, empowering you to reconnect to your essence and purpose, restore lost vitality, and find solutions to any challenges you may be facing.

Holistic Integrative Approach

Everything I share and offer springs from a direct experience of Presence and  works at a profound, practical and grounded level.  We always move at a pace that is right for you; Your own body and innate wisdom guides the pace of our sessions together.

Healing energy strengthens your capacity to respond to Life in a healthy way

Together we can address the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual aspects of your life so that you can maintain an integrated state of balance and move forward with more ease and clarity.
I invite you to check out this website and if you would like find out more, just contact me to arrange a FREE initial Zoom/phone chat.
I also run The Tame Wild  You Tube Channel  showing virtual relaxing walks in the English countryside in addition to Forest Bathing and Nature therapy  sessions in Suffolk.

Click ‘Is This you?’ to find out more about healing in Woodbridge, Hollesley, or online distant sessions.

Replenish & Balance Your Energy

Energy Healing is a safe, non-diagnostic and non-invasive therapy which can gently assist in restoring balance to your mind, body and spirit. It is beneficial for all life!

Break Limiting Beliefs

Are you are fed up and tired of feeling the way you feel around certain situations? You know you really want to change some old habits but using your willpower just hasn’t worked?

This is where Hypnotherapy and Hypo-healing can really help.

Become Free of The Past

Feeling stuck? Fly to Freedom with The Metamorphic Technique. It is is a deliciously soothing yet powerful catalyst for change and transformation, assisting you to emerge from your chrysalis state into a beautiful butterfly!

Allow the stillness and Presence of Trees to dissolve stress and restore your mind to a state of rest and gratitude.