Testimonials For Natural Energy Healing

“I cannot recommend Venetia’s healing treatment highly enough. My job as a lecturer can be quite demanding, and it is easy to get used to feeling stressed as a normal part of one’s working life. Venetia’s treatment not only helped me to relax to a place where I have not been for a long time, but it also made me realise how strained I was feeling. I have been able to clear my mind a bit, and also slept much better than had been the case for a while.”  Dr.Garry C.

“I find Venetia to be a natural healer.  In my own recent experience as a client, I felt cared for and very relaxed during the session.
The space was lovingly held by Venetia, and the overall effect for me was one of gentle caring touch combined with a deep understanding professionalism.

A day later I still felt a lasting relaxation and a positive bodily sense of healing’.
Advaita B.Saltdean

“I had healing before a knee replacement. After the operation the scar was covered with a white dressing.Three other ladies had the same procedure but of the four of us, I was the only one whose scar did not bleed. My dressing stayed white. Other ladies experienced extensive bruising around the knee and lower leg. I had no such bruising in hospital or afterwards. The nurse commented on the rapid healing of the scar and wondered what I had done! This, I believe was due to the healing session with Venetia which helped prepare my body for the operation.” Marie S. Newhaven

“I found the healing calming and when my toddler had a brief treatment he was very relaxed afterwards and started to sleep a lot better at night. I would recommend it for young children as I found it very beneficial.” Sharon Newhaven

“I was feeling really low and miserable but the healing helped me feel positive again and my mood lifted.” Pam B. Steyning

“It is lovely, a very feminine and gentle feel to it.” Kelly, Brighton

“A couple of days afterwards I released a lot of emotional energy to do with the past which really helped me.” H-C. Brighton

Testimonials For Metamorphic Technique

” I just want to say thank you for performing the metamorphic technique on me.  Before seeing you I generally felt blocked, that I couldn’t move forward and since receiving the technique I have a clearer outlook on my employment situation and have started up my own business with two friends.”Kelly R Hove

“I had been house-hunting for nearly a year but nothing suitable came on the market and I felt frustrated and unable to make a decision. I received the Metamorphic Technique from Venetia and within two days I had found a property I quite liked. This house was then withdrawn from the market but almost immediately afterwards another, more suitable, house became available which I happily accepted.” Catriona D.Ringmer

“The first time I received M.T from Venetia I had been going through very bad back and neck pain. I couldn’t move my body and the people living in the flat above me were really,really noisy and unfriendly. I was very stressed, wanted to move, but couldn’t physically do it. After the M.T. my pain was still there, but things suddenly changed. I had contacted the council to report the noise, but somehow the neighbours suddenly moved out! I had been thinking of moving to warmer climes for my health when old friend unexpectedly got in touch.He offered the gift of a paid for holiday in a luxury hotel in Lisbon while he was working there, so that I could find out about work.

Since then I have received three sessions and each time there have been changes,physically,emotionally and within my life. Venetia is a wonderfully kind and gentle person to have MT with and the space she works in is tranquil,but if you want to talk that is fine too. She does the touching on your feet, hands, and head and very subtly,or quickly,changes seem to happen.” H.C Hove

“A wonderfully relaxing feeling both during and after the session. I have always experienced a good uninterrupted night’s sleep afterwards. After 3-4 sessions a difficult and seemingly hopeless relationship suddenly changed for the better. Old repeating negative patterns cleared. I can highly recommend this Technique.” Pam B. Steyning.

“When we started I was very tense and anxious about a whole range of issues and was undecided about upcoming life changes. Your session really helped me to calm down and help me focus on where I am going. By the end I felt in a much better state and have continued to think positively ever since.” Neil W. Lewes