Help for stress, exhaustion and anxiety in Suffolk

“Stress and anxiety? I help adults who are feeling stressed and exhausted regain their zest for life, and reconnect to the natural vitality, peace and joy they knew in their youth.”

How would you feel if you could tap into a wellspring of vibrant energy?

How would it feel if you could finally experience less stress and more ease in your life?

Are you tired of feeling that you are swimming against the current, trying to keep your head above water while juggling the demands and pressures of daily  life?

Has life lost its meaning while exhaustion, anxiety and poor sleep seems to be the norm?

Is your health suffering as a result?

Perhaps you believe it is impossible to experience joy and peace when so much chaos appears to be happening inside yourself and the World around you.

Or that inner calm is only achievable for those who have meditated for years or done special “spiritual practices?”

Not True

The list of limiting beliefs and fear filled stories we often hold about ourselves are endless. They keep circulating through our minds and our internal response to them can use up so much of our natural vitality through excessive worry and anxiety. It’s like a TV propaganda broadcast running on a repetitive loop day in day out.

But, do you want to hear some good news? These internal scripts are mostly false!

It is “Fake News!”

The stories we constantly tell ourselves are mostly “fake news” conjured up by our minds to keep us investing in a limited reality. They are usually about experiences in the past or fears about the future, rarely about the present moment, which is always Now.

No wonder we end up feeling strung- out, stressed, unhappy and believing the World is a frightening, violent, love-less place to be!

The Truthful News

My invitation is to learn how to leave the “negative news propaganda” being broadcast from your mind aside for at least a little while each day, and discover the depths of the unlimited Real you.

Discover how your life can return to its natural rhythm, balance and flow despite what waves and storms are occurring on the surface.

Is Trauma from your Past affecting your enjoyment of Life in the Present?

Trauma and shock from recent and past events can remain “stuck” in your nervous system for years after the event. Very often the actual event may have even been forgotten until the “blocked” energy starts to flow again and the root cause is gently released. As your energy restores itself so you may find “frozen” trauma dissolves in a gentle yet powerful way.

Simple and Practical

I address your physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual/soul levels for each aspect has different “needs” and requirements in order to maintain an holistic state of inner balance. There is nothing complicated, no “woo-woo”  jargon or difficult concepts; everything I share with you is very practical and simple to learn or receive. Your own body and inner wisdom guides the pace we work at.

Together we can work out a tailor made programme to suit your individual needs.

Subtle Energy Healing Work

Private 1:1 energy therapy sessions are offered in Suffolk from my home clinic in Woodbridge or remotely via skype/zoom for those who do not live locally.

Stillness is within

Meditation and mindful movement through The Form Reality Practice is offered in Woodbridge and  the Harmony Centre, Halesworth.

A variety of soul nourishing events and activities in Suffolk can also be found through our Community Wellness Project  facebook page….please do check us out!

Healing the Warrior Heart


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“I had a wonderful healing session with Venetia, some blokes might think its hippy dippy, but it wasn’t like that at all, just incredibly relaxing, I felt so chilled afterwards, actually better than a massage and a couple of pints. Venetia really knows her stuff and I highly recommend it, especially after a real stressful day in the office, can’t wait to return next time I’m in Suffolk” Dave M ( London commuter)

“Wow,…Wow…that was amazing!” woman after receiving The Form during  Mind Body Spirit event, Woodbridge

“I have been searching for this! I feel so centred, grounded, and in my body!” after receiving The Form.

I had healing before a knee replacement. After the operation the scar was covered with a white dressing. Three other ladies had the same procedure but of the four of us, I was the only one whose scar did not bleed. My dressing stayed white. Other ladies experienced extensive bruising around the knee and lower leg. I had no such bruising in hospital or afterwards. The nurse commented on the rapid healing of the scar and wondered what I had done! This, I believe was due to the healing session with Venetia which helped reduce my stress and prepare my body for the operation.” Marie S. Sussex

“After the (remote to Slovenia) healing sessions we compared notes, and they were compatible – at the exact time, minute, she was passing the healing energy over the parts of the body, I felt it there, as moving energy or tingling sensation. At the beginning of the session I always felt a sense of relief and incredible wellbeing, a smile came on it’s own.”

” I was scheduled to have a thyroid lab test. After years of being on meds for hypothyroidism and later on a few months on meds for hyperthyroidism, my lab tests after the sessions and last week were completely normal, no medication at all and my anxiety dropped.
I strongly recommend healing sessions with Venetia and later having one a month to re- balance in the energy body and prevent energy imbalances to manifest in the material body, and for the general well being. I am deeply grateful.” E.S. Slovenia

“When we started I was very tense with stress and had anxiety about a whole range of issues and was undecided about upcoming life changes. Your session really helped me to calm down and help me focus on where I am going. By the end I felt in a much better state and have continued to think positively ever since.” Neil W. Lewes